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15 July 2010 @ 10:39 am
Springtime Yellow Iris  

I thought I would tell you about some of the interesting things that happened to me in the making of this painting of a yellow iris.

Early this last spring, in the month of April, the flowers started blooming in our backyard. I took a lot of digital photos of those flowers, including the yellow irises. I stored all of the digital images of those flowers in my computer for reference material for future paintings.

On Monday of last week, I decided to do a painting of one of those yellow irises. So I selected several candidate images and finally selected one. With the aid PhotoShop, I did a few things to the yellow iris digital image to help the composition and design. So for the rest of last week I worked on doing a watercolor painting of that yellow iris. From the start, things didn’t go well. But by Friday, at about lunch time, it was finished. It looked pretty rough to me, however if I backed off far enough, it looked OK. My grandson and chief critic, Edmund Duban, looked at it and didn’t have much to say. He finally commented that the background looked pretty good. I took it downstairs and showed it to my wife, Corinne. She said it looked great. So, I talked myself into believing that it was OK. Since it was Friday, the end of the workweek, I decided not to wait till Monday to take it to the Houston Photo Imaging (HPI) to have it scanned into a digital image. So after lunch I left to go to HPI to have it scanned so that I could send it out to all of you that weekend.

HPI is way across town on the southwest side of Houston. Since it was Friday afternoon, the traffic on the freeways was heavy. It was bumper to bumper in all lanes. About two o’clock, I was going along with the traffic in the lane next to the inside fast lane at about 65 MPH on the Southwest Freeway. I was deep in thought writing the story, in my head, to accompany the image of the painting when I would send it out to all of you. Suddenly the engine of my Chevy Tahoe SUV sputtered and missed a beat!!!!!.

I came out of my trance and looked at all the gauges. I had fuel...just over a quarter of a tank, oil pressure…OK, electrical amps…OK, engine temperature…OK. Then the engine again missed another beat… then coughed a few times and then stopped…then started up again. By now, I was on full alert. Then the engine coughed a final time and went silent. Then the power steering went dead. I was coasting down the freeway in heavy traffic. I knew instantly that I was in deep trouble. I put the SUV in neutral and tried to decide what to do.

I was on the Southwest Freeway about in the middle of the five mile stretch where it is depressed down below ground level. The retaining walls along the edge of the freeway are about twenty feet high. There is no way for a pedestrian to climb those walls. There was a shoulder lane over next to the retaining walls. There were two lanes of heavy traffic between me and that shoulder lane. Already, the driver behind my SUV, is honking at me because I am slowing down. I looked at him in the rear view mirror. He was saluting me with his middle finger.

I put the turn signals on and the drivers in the lane next to me would not let me in. Things were getting worse by the second. So I just started forcing way into the adjoining lane. Now those drivers were honking at me. Finally I got over into that lane. Then I had to do this maneuver for another lane. Again, the drivers in that lane were now honking and shaking their fist at me. Finally, I get to the outside lane and can get off the freeway. I was still coasting along at about 40 MPH so I decided to see how far I could get before having to park the SUV. Of course, the drivers behind me are honking. Those passing on my left were saluting with their middle finger as they went by.

When I was down to about 20 MPH I could see an exit a short distance up the freeway. I thought I could make it to the exit. I got to the exit and was still going about 10 MPH. On the exit, the shoulder lane began to disappear so I had to take what was left of it and pull off and stop the SUV. After I had stopped, I tried unsuccessfully to start the engine. It appeared that it wasn’t getting fuel. It sure got quite in that SUV. The only sounds were the cars whizzing by. Now I had to decide what to do next.

Fortunately, I had left the business card of a wrecker company on the console and I had a cell phone. I called the wrecker company and when I told them where I was on an exit of the Southwest Freeway, they said I would first have to call the local service for stranded motorist and they would move my SUV to a safe place at no charge. It is a new service provided by the City of Houston and is called Motorist Assistance Program. They told me that the number to call is on the back of my Texas Drivers License. I found the number, an 800 number, and they told me the local number to call. For your information, that number is 713-225-5627.

I called them and gave them my location and vehicle description. In about twenty minutes, a wrecker arrived. It was the most beautiful wrecker I have ever seen. The wrecker driver, Kenneth Bell, was just really great and very professional. He loaded my SUV up and took it, my watercolor painting and me to Gordon’s Automotive on Ella Boulevard that does my car repair work. Kenneth and I had a great chit chat on the way. He has been a wrecker driver for thirty six years and entertained me with the stories of some of his more interesting experiences. By five o’clock, the watercolor painting and I are home.

On Saturday, the day after the SUV dying on me on the freeway, I got to looking at the watercolor painting and decided it really was not very good and I could do better. So for the next three days I did another watercolor painting of the yellow lily. I think this painting is much better and I have decided to trash the previous painting. So, in a way, some good came about when my SUV died on the freeway. I now have a better quality painting to send to all of you. I hope you like it.

“All’s well that ends well”. Shakespeare.
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